Tamleopardens is a Bengal breedery located in Sweden, we live near Stockholm and Uppsala (Arlanda airport). The name "Tamleopardens" means tame leopard, which is quite fitting since the Bengal is a cat with the wild look of a wild cat but with the temper of a domestic cat.

Our son Oscar 2 days old.

Our names are Carina and Mattias and we are really facinated about the bengal breed. We started our cattery 2002. We often go to shows to display our Bengals.

We want our kittens to grow up and become loving and secure individuals with great confidence in humans. We give our kittens a safe and loving home for the them to grow upp in, which will give them the beginning to becomme a lovely lifetime-companion!

Oscar 9 mån leker med kattungar.

We think it´s important not to overbread. Our cats have few exclusive litters. We also import bengal cats from all over the world to keep the breed healthy.

Our objective is to breed bengals with high quality, fit for shows, breeding and pet.

We aim at bengals with:

* A wild leopard-like look

* Good type

* Lovely markings and good contrast

* A silky, short and dense coat

* A white belly

* A lot of glitter

* Well tempered

We are proud members of:

TICA Northern Europe


Contact us:

Tel: +4673 704 68 29 eller +4670 498 93 76